Have a Very White Stripes Christmas with the Band's New Yule Log Video

It features "Candy Cane Children" along with a selection of other songs from their back catalogue
Have a Very White Stripes Christmas with the Band's New Yule Log Video
The White Stripes use candy cane colours for all of their branding, so it's only appropriate that they are giving fans some Christmas content this holiday season. The long-defunct garage rock duo have just released an hour-and-a-half-long yule log video, which features some spooking animations and a soundtrack of White Stripes songs.

The video kicks off, naturally, with the band's Christmas original "Candy Cane Children." Beyond that, the tracklist is very different from this year's Greatest Hits album, generally emphasizing the band's slower, eerier material from across their catalogue (although upbeat pop tunes like "Hotel Yorba" and "My Doorbell" break up the mood). The rarity "City Lights," which was unreleased prior to Jack White's 2016 acoustic compilation, appears here, as do deep-cut ballads like "This Protector" and "I'm Bound to Pack It Up."

Enjoy the White Stripes' yule low below. It was directed by Noah Sterling and features illustrations by Blue J.

The White Stripes have been officially broken up since 2011 (and largely inactive since 2007), but they've been fairly active in recent months thanks to the release of their Greatest Hits compilation, which they've supported with new videos for "Apple Blossom" and "Let's Shake Hands."