Havana Guns "N.Y.C.S. / She Always Goes Down"

Havana Guns 'N.Y.C.S. / She Always Goes Down'
"If you enjoy listening to motorcycle pop featuring saccharine vocals, droning guitars, warm organ sounds and tambourines, Havana Guns from London are the right band for you."

It's true - if you do enjoy "motorcycle pop" than Havana Guns will certainly be your thing. However, if you need some clarification as to what exactly "motorcycle pop" actually is, then you're with the rest of us on this. London's next (expected) big buzz band live their lives unabashedly, writing pitches and listing their influences (the Velvet Underground, Blondie, Jesus & Mary Chain, the Ronettes, the Kills and the Raveonettes, in case you're wondering) on their MySpace page. Really, what they need to do is just sit back, forget about what they're trying to be and just write more songs. Both "N.Y.C.S," and its predecessor "She Always Goes Down" are dreamy, simple pop nuggets that may blatantly borrow their sound from the aforementioned heroes, but also utilise the band's talent for constructing what should be seen as a very fine form of flattery. Plus, you gotta love the cute Psychocandy tribute they mocked up in Photoshop.
Havana Guns "N.Y.C.S."
Havana Guns "She Always Goes Down"