Haste When Reason Sleeps

Music is at its apex when it provides the listener with an emotional release as well as rocking like no one's business. A nice big production sound, the talent to play crushingly heavy songs as well as catchy melodic parts; having the ability to keep it unique yet catchy and keeping it short so you're left wanting to listen to it again. What I'm getting at here is When Reason Sleeps, Haste's second album, has it all. The band has come up with a great blend of hardcore and metal, dramatics and headbangs, emotions and technical precision. It almost sounds like more than one band when they switch from the heavy hardcore to the melodic rock. They take the style of the post-Converge and Coalesce metalcore sound and make it good, thinking progressively with their instruments while at the same time using the music as an honest emotional outlet. (Century Media)