Has Brian Johnson Been Kicked Out of AC/DC?

Has Brian Johnson Been Kicked Out of AC/DC?
Last week, AC/DC cancelled a string of shows, heeding a doctor's warning to vocalist Brian Johnson that he needed to "stop touring immediately" or risk total hearing loss. The band revealed plans to reschedule the axed dates, possibly with guest vocalists, leaving Johnson questioning his future with the band.
Comedian Jim Breuer, a friend of Johnson's, discussed the situation on the most recent episode of his The Metal in Me podcast, claiming that the singer has been "kicked to the curb" by AC/DC bandleader Angus Young.
On the podcast, Breuer describes a visit to Johnson's home, where he was given the singer's side to the story (and he is sure to make it clear that this is the only side of the story that he's heard so far). According to the comedian and podcast host, Johnson painted a picture of a dysfunctional band. He also revealed that after a second medical opinion, the risk of damage to his hearing was less extreme than initially reported.
Despite that revelation, Johnson told Breuer that all of his luggage from the tour "showed up in his driveway" and he hasn't heard from any of his bandmates since. Johnson also went on to tell Breuer that he feels like a "hired gun" to Young, whom he suspects will want to carry on with the band for at least another album and tour.
Finally, Johnson also reportedly believes that he has already been replaced and that the band just haven't announced who his replacement will be yet. As for the rescheduled dates on the current tour, Johnson told Breuer "it's gonna be like karaoke with guest stars."

UPDATE (3/12, 12 p.m.): Breuer has shared a video statement, clarifying that the remarks made on his show were not direct quotes from Johnson and that as a comedian and storyteller he has a tendency to "exaggerate" and get carried away. Rather, Breuer says he was venting on behalf of his friend who seemed down. "Let's just hope everything's good and AC/DC finishes their tour," he says. "That's all anyone wants. Brian Johnson, Angus Young, tearing it up to the end, into the sunset." Watch the video below.

BRIAN JOHNSON/ ACDC clearing the air!

Posted by Jim Breuer on Tuesday, 15 March 2016

AC/DC have yet to offer any official statement on the matter, though the Hives' frontman Pelle Almqvist has issued a public statement offering his singing services should they be required.
Information on the band's to-be-rescheduled shows can be found at the official AC/DC website, and you can listen to the aforementioned episode of Breuer's podcast below.