Harrison "Vertigo" (ft. a l l i e)

Harrison 'Vertigo' (ft. a l l i e)
Ahead of delivering his much-anticipated Checkpoint Titanium, Toronto producer Harrison has unveiled a delightfully dizzying preview from the collection. A collaboration with vocalist a l l i e, the song is called "Vertigo."

The new single begins with a '80s-period fantasy synth performed in accelerando, but it quickly bustles up into a fully produced piece of equally vintage funk-pop. Above a no-nonsense slap of digital drums and playfully percussive keyboard tones, a l l i e discusses senses-blurring first kisses.

"Touch me so I know its not pretend," she sings ahead of a massive chorus.

You can catch the cut below, courtesy of Pigeons and Planes, while Harrison's debut LP drops September 9 via Last Gang Records.