Hard-Fi "Break the Rules" With New Album's Cover Art

Hard-Fi 'Break the Rules' With New Album's Cover Art
England's Hard-Fi have decided to "smash the system" and opt for a minimalistic, unconventional album cover for their sophomore album. Once Upon A Time In The West will feature a design that says "NO COVER ART" as well as the band's name and album title.

In a statement, the band's front-man Richard Archer explained: "Just like we did with our debut album, we wanted to break the rules. We don’t need some airbrushed band shot just because it might be expected. F**k that. This is about the music.”

Totally. But I think we've seen this all before, like 25 years ago when Flipper released Album - Generic Flipper. Or how about 21 years ago when Public Image Limited released Album? Nothing says breaking the rules like copying others in the process.

Once Upon A Time In The West is set for release through Warner on September 4. It will be preceded by the single "Suburban Knights," which reportedly will follow suit with similar artwork that reads "EXPENSIVE BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO OF BAND NOT AVAILABLE." How novel.

Hard-Fi "Suburban Knights