Happy 25th Birthday Compact Disc!

Happy 25th Birthday Compact Disc!
Happy birthday compact disc! You don't look a day over nearly-obsolete. Yes, this week the compact disc, or CD to its closest friends, celebrated its 25th birthday.

The first CD was pressed on August 16, 1982 at the Philips factory in Germany after three years of development. Of course, it wasn't officially in stores until a year later, but we're not letting it get away with claiming it's only 24.

The first album to be released on the format in stores was ABBA's The Visitors, however, according to sales figures, the first album to get the CD shifting copies was Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms.

Speaking with the BBC, Jacques Heemskerk, a senior engineer on the format's development said: "That was the model we had in mind although it seems that CD is going to last a lot longer than that. For many people the CD is still the original format, with others being derivative or back-ups."

Oh Jacques, haven't you been paying attention to the CD's plummeting sales figures? No, no, I won't get into the gruesome results, not on our buddy's birthday.

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