Hannah Georgas "Enemies" (video)

Hannah Georgas 'Enemies' (video)
In addition to Hannah Georgas promoting the crystalline indie pop of her self-titled album's "Enemies," the singer's new, emotional video presents the precarious, if sad, relationship between a man and his dog.

Starring Mr. Show alum John Ennis as a down-on-his-luck character, the video finds the silver-haired figure bonding with his speedy pup, first with a breezy car ride and a stop to the vet, and ultimately to a money-making hustle down at the dog track. There's a desperation in Ennis' eyes as he watches a slow-mo race between muzzle-mounted athletes around the grounds, and you'll find out if trying to make a few bucks of his furry friend was worth it via the player down below.