Canadian Label Handshake Inc. Goes Up for Sale on Craigslist

Canadian Label Handshake Inc. Goes Up for Sale on Craigslist
Aspiring enterprisers looking to pick up an already established label, look no further: Canadian imprint Handshake Inc. has revealed that the company name and its back catalogue are up for grabs — via Craigslist.

An ad titled "Record Label for Sale" went up today (October 15) and notes, for the sum of $5,000, you can acquire "extreme and underground metal/noise" indie label Handshake Inc. Label founder David Hall has confirmed the legitimacy of the sale with Exclaim!

The listing notes the buyer would inherit a back catalogue of EPs, LPs, a few DVD releases and one book title. You'd also immediately pick up "North American and International distribution, digital royalties, press contacts, remaining stock (vinyl, dvds), 2k twitter followers and 2k facebook likes."

The acquisition of Handshake Inc. is said to be perfect for "hobbyists, pros, and any goal oriented people who still maintain a sense of hope and wonder about the music industry." It should be noted that the owners are seeking "serious inquiries only."

Hall founded the Handshake Inc. enterprise in 2006 but was joined in running the label in 2011 by Catharsis PR person Kim Kelly and Agoraphobic Nosebleed frontman Jay Randall. The label has issued material by artists including Fuck the Facts, Rwake, Orthrelm's Mick Barr, Gridlink, Blacklisters, Pyrrhon and more. The label had also delivered three instalments of the Maryland Deathfest: The Movie series.

As for Hall's future plans, he told Exclaim!: "I'm starting a new company to continue making films and videos."

Though due dates have yet to be delivered behind any of his upcoming projects, Hall noted that he's putting work into a forthcoming Agoraphobic Nosebleed concert film, as well as "a Venom archival project, a Righteous Pigs reunion concert film," and a documentary on Acid King member and metal producer Billy Anderson (Melvins, Sleep, Mr. Bungle). There's also a feature film in the works that features original music written by Luc Lemay of Gorguts, plus a contribution from Butthole Surfers.