Handshake Inc.'s David Hall Reveals Plans for VHS Albums, Billy Anderson Documentary

Handshake Inc.'s David Hall Reveals Plans for VHS Albums, Billy Anderson Documentary
Before launching the record label division of Handshake Inc., co-owner David Hall was primarily known for his video work for hard-edged outfits like Fuck the Facts and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. But while the vivid filmmaker still has a handful of projects in the works, Hall has announced that he's stepping out of the short-form music video game.

"Between now and the new year, I'll be completing new videos for Jucifer, Maruta, Rottenness, Ladder Devils, Vilipend, Rwake, Brutal Truth and Fuck the Facts, and when the last one is done that's it -- no more music videos for me," Hall said in a statement. "I love music videos but the stand-alone music video is just not a format I'm interested in producing anymore."

The artist will be switching his focus to what he calls the "VHS Album," which will pair custom visuals and metal music on the old-school home video format.

"A VHS Album is basically an album output to a VHS tape, with an accompanying video track created specifically for the music," he explained. "Each VHS release will be extremely limited, like one to five copies -- and the visuals on each tape will differ slightly, so every VHS album will be one of a kind. The tapes will be like Marcel Duchamp's 
'Readymades,' but with a creamy centre -- which is the film and music."

First up will be a reimagining of Texas noise metal outfit Today Is the Day's 2007 album Axis of Eden, which will be followed by audio-visual mash-ups for Total Fucking Destruction's Hater, USX Appalachia's Salt the Wound and Sulaco's Build and Burn. Release dates have yet to be announced.

Hall is also working on a documentary about prolific music producer/engineer Billy Anderson, who has worked with Eyehategod, Mr. Bungle, Sleep, High on Fire, Neurosis and, uh, the Red House Painters, among countless others.

"This is going to be a proper, exhaustive documentary," Hall said, adding that he and various crews have been gathering footage since May. "I've been listening to music Billy's been a part of since I was 19 -- his creative output is unparalleled, and I want to take the time necessary to make a film about him."

It's unclear what the ETA of the as-yet-untitled music doc will be.