Halloween Playlist: Musicians List Their Favourite Horror Films

Halloween Playlist: Musicians List Their Favourite Horror Films
If you're spending your Halloween week doing anything other than watching horror movies, you're most likely doing it wrong. There's no better time to appreciate this film genre and its many subgenres than the last week of October.

To help you make the right choices, we reached out to a handful of Canadian musicians to learn what films haunt their screens this time of year. The results were both unsurprising (a lot of people love The Shining) and strange (who knew a Robin Williams family comedy could be so frightening). Check out some choices below.

Exclaim's Halloweek continues throughout the week, with a new list hitting our film section every morning.

Movie choice: The Shining


Gotta go with The Shining, because if a film can terrify you with a simple shot of a toddler riding his Big Wheel down a hallway, you know you're dealing with a bonafide horror classic!
Brad Barr (Barr Brothers)
Movie choices: Babe, Experiments in the Revival of Organisms

My favorite horror movie is Babe. The moment when you think he is going to be shot, I can't even watch. And those wild dogs... forget about it. I watch it at least twice a year.

Experiments in the Revival of Organisms: This is not my favourite horror movie. Its not even a horror movie. It's a Russian documentary from the '40s. But its one of the scariest and most disturbing things I've ever seen. If I want to be really scared, I watch archaic medical documentaries. If I want to be entertained, I watch Goonies.
The Bros. Landreth
Movie choice: Ernest Scared Stupid

We will always hold a special and terrified spot in our hearts for Ernest Scared Stupid. The 1991 horror masterpiece that takes place in Briarville, Missouri is easily some of the most horrifying work done in the genre. Kubrick, eat your heart out.


Federal Lights
Movie choice: Creepshow 2

Four college kids find hidden away pond perfect for hanky-panky and skinny dipping only to be killed by morally conscious British Petroleum oil slick. What could be better than that?