Halifax's Hot Mondy Give In to Temptation on "Vampire"

It's the spooky third single from the band's forthcoming debut EP
Halifax's Hot Mondy Give In to Temptation on 'Vampire'
Halifax-based quintet Hot Mondy are back today with a haunting new song called "Vampire," alongside a matching music video directed by Brad Tobler.

"Vampire" follows the group's previous singles "Pale Ember" and "Desert Moonlight," which all come ahead of their upcoming debut EP. Blending country and rock with its nostalgic twang, it recalls 20th century imagery through gleams of poeticism and a comfortable groove.

Of course, this comfort turns ominous in the Halloween-appropriate accompanying clip, which stars Marnee McClellan as the titular, alluring villain draining the band of their empathy.

Inspired by '70s films, we're struck by the attention to detail that brings each moment of the title character's plot to life in a tale as old as time, but timeless as ever: a hot vampire lures in an unsuspecting townsperson who's transfixed by their beauty and enjoys feasting upon their life force.

Hot Mondy consists of a group of five friends — three of which are named Mat(t) — who decided to come together in music just this year. Despite this freshness, they found an instant chemistry in their enduring passion and shared artistic vision that reaches far beyond musical trends.

Watch the video for "Vampire" below.