Halifax Reggae Artist Jah'Mila Asks Listeners to "Chant Their Names" in Powerful New Video

Halifax Reggae Artist Jah'Mila Asks Listeners to 'Chant Their Names' in Powerful New Video
Halifax-based reggae artist Jah'mila has just shared a powerful new video for her track "Chant Their Names" in light of the recent protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis after a police officer kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

The reggae number mentions several Black Americans who were killed by police, including Sandra Bland, Oscar Grant, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Breonna Taylor, Freddie Grey, Jordan Davis and Ahmaud Arbery. The lyrics include scathing lines like, "Tell me, who are you protecting? Who do you really serve?"

The video finds Jah'Mila leading a crowd through Halifax, fists raised in the air and holding Black Lives Matter posters. This is intercut with footage from last week's Black Lives Matter vigil at a Halifax Regional Police station and recent news broadcasts about Floyd's death, along with other acts of anti-Black police brutality.

Says Jah'Mila in a statement, "Systemic racism and heinous police brutality are serious issues that continue to plague the Black community on a global scale. The murder of George Floyd sent ripples across the world, invoking activism and outcries from people around the world who are tired of the violent attacks against our Black brothers and sisters."

She adds, "Our team stands in solidarity with all who fight for Black justice and respect — this is long overdue."

Watch the "Chant Their Names" video below.