Half-Handed Cloud Learning About Your Scale

Half-Handed Cloud is the brainchild of John Ringhofer, a multi-instrumentalist who has more musical ideas than anyone has any right to possess. Learning About Your Scale is a rapid, lo-fi roller coaster ride through a wealth of religious (and pseudo-religious) ideas that will leave your head spinning in bewilderment. With a similar philosophy to the Danielson Familie (whose Soundsfamilyre label co-released this), Half-Handed Cloud makes the kind of music that will polarise people: it doesn’t generate apathy, it provokes opinion. You’ll either love it or hate it, but if you fall into the latter camp, you can take some solace from the fact that it is all over in 24 minutes. Consisting of 25 tracks in 24 minutes, you get an idea of what to expect. The tracks range from being perfectly formed miniature songs through to snippets that come to an end before you know what’s happened. In addition to that, you have to contend with quirky arrangements that will both delight and confound. Yet none of the songs feel either too long or too short, they just say what they have to say and then end; a rare quality these days. Learning About Your Scale is the very definition of an acquired taste, and it will probably send equal numbers racing for the "stop” button or the "repeat” button. Just make sure you know which group you belong to before purchase. (Sounds Familyre)