Hackers Broadcast YG's "Fuck Donald Trump" on Radio Stations Across America

Hackers Broadcast YG's 'Fuck Donald Trump' on Radio Stations Across America
YG's "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)"  still stands as arguably the best anti-Trump anthem out there, and in helping spread the message of the Compton MC across the country, hackers took over American airwaves to broadcast the song on loop.

The Associated Press reports that South Carolina radio station Sunny 107.9 WFBS-FM in Salem had its signal hacked Monday evening (January 30), upon which the song was played on repeat for at least 15 minutes. AP also reports that similar incidents happened in Seattle, Louisville and San Angelo, TX.

WFBS-FM said hackers gained access to the signal through its Internet-connected antennas, adding that it had forwarded the IP address of the suspects to the Federal Communications Commission.

"You folks are as mad as we are. Rest assured that we have taken every possible security measures to keep this from happening again," the station wrote on Facebook.

In response to a listener who found the hack funny, the station said that the act was a "juvenile and cowardly way to protest" and that "if they do not like President Trump then get a sign and stand on a street corner," further adding that the hackers "will not be laughing when they are in court."

Find the station's statement below and revisit the video for "FDT" at the bottom of the page, where you'll also find a local TV news broadcast about the incident.