Gwar It's Sleazy

The scumdogs of the universe are back with this, not a new album but, even better, a new movie. Gwar is always more about the visuals, as their mediocre albums prove time and time again. This time around, it's a totally over-the-top parody of modern day talk shows, hosted by Gwar's loveable manager, Sleazy P. Martini. Sleazy is just too funny for words and seems all too comfortable playing the role of ultra-slimy greedball motherfucker. Some of the guests on the show include a MTV VJ that Gwar did irreparable damage to, Marilyn Manson (who Gwar kill) and a big talking toilet, who Gwar poop into, of course. The props are excellent; Troma Films would be proud. If you, like me, enjoy laughable B-movies with lots of gore and hilarious dialogue, this is worth checking into. The icing on the cake, though, is the completely ludicrous anti-climatic ending, which had me snickering for days. Sure, Gwar's joke wore off on me back in high-school, but know that I'm older and, hopefully, wiser, I can appreciate Gwar for what they are: a hilariously good time that really makes fun of some of the goofier elements of society, such as skinheads and people who enjoy hard drugs. Don't worry about their albums, but give this one a chance. (Metal Blade)