Guy Smiley Alkaline

I have a confession to make. Guy Smiley just saved me from going postal on the next power pop band that was gonna try and pass their stuff off as punk. These four Winnipeg coolsters, and latest Epitaph signees, have taken new school punk one huge step forward with their newest release, Alkaline. Combined with the oh-so-aggressive vocals of Derek Kun, the disc provides enough hardcore grind, mixed with toe tapping melodies, for the band to shake that “metal band in disguise” monkey off their back. True, there’s still the occasional rockin’ guitar solo, the band is tighter and faster and more political than I’ve ever heard it. While it won ’t make all you old schoolers want to whip out those bondage pants, Alkaline is proof some new school punk has fire in it after all. (Smallman)