Guns N' Roses To Release Chinese Democracy On November 25 Through Best Buy and Only Best Buy

Guns N' Roses To Release <i>Chinese Democracy</i> On November 25 Through Best Buy and Only Best Buy
Once again, a fresh batch of rumours have emerged on the never-ending saga that is Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy. According to several online reports, after 14 years and umpteen million dollars, the album will be out November 25, but, like our previous report indicated, only at Best Buy.

The source of this rumoured release date is a supposed "vendor convention,” which the big-box store held in Dallas, TX, on Wednesday, Rolling Stone reports. There, GN’R manager Andy Gould reportedly told the 900 employees about Best Buy’s Chinese Democracy exclusive before previewing three songs from the album.

Gould also reportedly informed Best Buy employees that the new Guns song, "If The World,” will appear in the forthcoming Ridley Scott film, Body of Lies, which stars Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Guns N’ Roses fan sites have lit up with multiple witness accounts and supposed cell phone footage from the Best Buy convention, confirming the supposed November 25 release date and the exclusive retail deal. But until we get our Dr. Pepper, we’ll take this all with a grain of salt.

Perhaps the best Axl Rose Clip ever…