Guns N' Roses Streaming Chinese Democracy On MySpace Right Now

Guns N' Roses Streaming <i>Chinese Democracy</i> On MySpace Right Now
If the non-stop news coverage, album reviews and illegal leaks are not enough for you to believe in the existence of Chinese Democracy, the new Gun N’ Roses album is now streaming on MySpace. The stream of Axl’s entire "opus” began today and comes 96 hours before the long-awaited album/punch-line hits retailers on Sunday, November 23.

Along with the sweet-ass Axl Rose icon at the left and the monstrous banner up top, the band’s MySpace page tells us that Chinese Democracy is "only at Best Buy.” However, we’d like to remind you that in Canada there is no such exclusivity and the album can be bought at any retailer. In fact, earlier this week, we saw real hard-copy editions of Chinese Democracy being priced at one of Vancouver’s independent record shops, where the clerks were kind enough to actually let us hold one. Somehow, though, it wasn’t as satisfying as we thought it’d be.

In other stream news, Electric Arguments by Paul McCartney’s side project, the Fireman, also started streaming on MySpace today. You can hear it here in advance of the album’s November 25 release date.

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