Guns N' Roses "Negotiating" Deal For Chinese Democracy

Guns N' Roses 'Negotiating' Deal For <i>Chinese Democracy</i>
As Axl "Dr. Pepper” Rose continues to take baby steps towards Chinese Democracy, Guns N' Roses have confirmed they are "in negotiations” for the release of the over-a-decade-in-the-making album. Via the band’s official website, Guns N' Roses leaked this titbit of info over the weekend, adding that the talks are "going well.”

The post finally gives some weight to online rumours that Axl and co. have delivered Chinese Democracy to their label, Geffen Records. However, it did not shed any light what these "negotiations” entail, or offer any possible release date for the record.

And while the ball seems to be rolling a wee bit faster with Chinese Democracy these days, the band have quashed all hopes of a reality show based on the making of the album. "Despite rumors floating around the Internet, Guns N' Roses will not be appearing on any reality TV program to promote their forthcoming album, Chinese Democracy, or for any other reason,” an online statement says. "The reality TV rumors started a little while ago and have taken on an Internet life of their own, but there is no truth to any of this.”

In other GNR news, the band also announced that guitarist Robin Finck has finally abandoned ship, opting to return to the more productive pastures of Nine Inch Nails. "Robin's plans caught everyone in Guns, as well as our fans, a bit off-guard," the band said. "Neither we nor management, etc., know any more in this regard and we prefer not to speculate or offer opinions at this time."

Finck or not, let’s just hope these Chinese Democracy negotiations turn out for the best. After all, America is thirsty for its promised Dr. Pepper.