Guided By Voices Treat 'Bee Thousand' and 'King Shit & the Golden Boys' to Vinyl Reissues

Guided By Voices Treat 'Bee Thousand' and 'King Shit & the Golden Boys' to Vinyl Reissues
With Guided By Voices having once again called it quits, the steady stream of tunes from Dayton, OH's most prolific garage band has likely dried up. On the plus side, Scat Records has a couple of reissues on the way, including a new pressing of the band's watershed breakthrough, Bee Thousand.

The label will be delivering its first vinyl pressing of the 1994 classic since the '90s on January 20, along with the first standalone vinyl edition of King Shit & the Golden Boys, originally released as part of the Box compendium in 1995.

Bee Thousand has been given a vinyl remastering by John Golden, while being packaged in a gatefold jacket featuring a collage from Robert Pollard. The release contains the 20-song tracklisting of the original album, not the expanded triple-LP version of the album delivered in 2004 by Scat as Bee Thousand (The Director's Cut). The vinyl reissue also includes a download card.

As for King Shit & the Golden Boys, it likewise arrives on January 20. A press release explains that the A-side collects numbers from GBV efforts Learning to Hunt and Back to Saturn X, "two otherwise unreleased albums from the band's early days," while the flip features cuts that were left off of Bee Thousand.

You'll find both reissues' tracklistings down below.

Before breaking up in September, Guided By Voices issued two LPs of new material in 2014, Motivational Jumpsuit and Cool Planet.

Bee Thousand:

1. Hardcore UFO's
2. Buzzards And Dreadful Crows
3. Tractor Rape Chain
4. The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
5. Hot Freaks
6. Smothered In Hugs
7. Yours To Keep
8. Echos Myron
9. Gold Star For Robot Boy
10. Awful Bliss
11. Mincer Ray
12. A Big Fan Of The Pigpen
13. Queen Of Cans And Jars
14. Her Psychology Today
15. Kicker Of Elves
16. Ester's Day
17. Demons Are Real
18. I Am A Scientist
19. Peep-Hole
20. You're Not An Airplane

King Shit & the Golden Boys:

1. We've Got Airplanes
2. Dust Devil
3. Squirmish Frontal Room
4. Tricyclic Looper
5. Crutch Came Slinking
6. Fantasy Creeps
7. Sopor Joe
8. Crunch Pillow
9. Indian Was An Angel
10. Don't Stop Now
11. Bite
12. Greenface
13. Deathtrot And Warlock Riding A Rooster
14. 2nd Moves To Twin
15. At Odds With Dr. Genesis
16. Please Freeze Me
17. Scissors
18. Postal BlowfishTop of Form
19. Crocker's Favorite Song