Guff Symphony Of Voices

Generally slotted into the world of European skater punk populated by Satanic Surfers and Millencolin, Guff produce a brand of speedy melodic punk rock that bridges the gap between Fat Wreck Chords-styled SoCal and the more direct/less catchy strains heralded by Epitaph late last decade. This is why it comes as a shock to hear the band infusing staggered rhythms, layered vocals and emotive vocal lines into Symphony Of Voices. It works surprisingly well, proving them to be continually striving for advancement, as opposed to expecting their particular brand of punk to stay relevant forever. They clearly know just how dangerous these new sonic additions can be because while every one of these 13 tracks features some element that will make long-time fans prick up their ears, each piece is used sparingly. It’s not enough to make listeners feel as though yet another band has lost their way. Instead, tracks like "Rejected,” "Behind Your Smile” and the anthemic "No Gods, No Masters” ride the line between familiarity and inspiring advancement with ease. (Go-Kart)