Guff Engine Trouble

Starting a record off with a Simpsons quote is always a solid idea. You immediately establish your band as being intelligent and humorous, and on the off chance your music sucks, everyone loves The Simpsons. Thankfully, guFF’s music is ever so far from sucking. Playing a very Digger-esque style of pop punk with serious emo leanings, Guff’s songs definitely weigh heavy on the punk side of the proverbial pop punk coin. Silly song titles such as "If You Won’t Be My #1, Then #2 On You” are backed by seriously strong songwriting, with catchy melodies and perfected double vocal lines that (thankfully) sound nothing like Taking Back Sunday and every other band with more than one vocalist. Guff may not be playing in a genre that allows for much in the way of originality, but they take what they can and run with it, writing hooky tunes that you can’t help but feel connected with. Engine Trouble’s songs are the kind that get to your brain and your heart, simultaneously rocking you and moving you in just the right way. (Go-Kart)