Gucci Mane Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

Gucci Mane Sentenced to Three Years in Prison
Trap god Gucci Mane has been incarcerated for 11 months, but he's somehow managed to crank out an impressive onslaught of mixtapes this year. Hopefully he's got more material left in him, as the rapper's sentence will go on for two more years.

As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution [via Complex] reports, a U.S. District Court judge ruled today (August 20) that his prison sentence would run a total of 39 months after Gucci pled guilty to firearms charges. Since he's served 11, that means he's got 28 months left. Upon his release, he will receive three years probation.

Davis requested to be transferred to a prison on the West Coast. Reportedly, he's hoping to cut ties with some Atlanta associates and undergo rehab treatment.

The rapper born Radric Davis was arrested last September and charged with disorderly conduct, marijuana possession and carrying a concealed weapon. One of Davis's friends complained about his erratic behaviour to police, and when they approached the rapper, he started swearing at the officers and threatening them with violence. Davis has remained locked up ever since.

Here's hoping he has enough pre-recorded material to last the full length of his prison stay, otherwise we're going to be hearing plenty of Gucci verses that were rapped over the phone. Of the many upcoming projects he does have lined up is a full mixtape collaboration with Chief Keef.

Listen to the rapper's recent Gucci vs. Guwap mixtape below.