Gucci Mane Facing More Jail Time, Sent to Medical Treatment Facility

Gucci Mane Facing More Jail Time, Sent to Medical Treatment Facility
We're only a few days into 2011 and rappers are already ignoring the trends we could do without. First, Kanye West got us excited by suggesting his collaborative Jay-Z album could be out this week. Now, the powers that be are ignoring our plea to keep our favourite rappers out of jail by suggesting Gucci Mane serve another lengthy prison term.

As AllHipHop reports, the rapper born Radric Davis could face up to 17 months in prison for violating his parole. Just so we're clear on the pertaining arrest, this parole violation is related to Mane's erratic driving charge in November of 2010 not the more recent arrest involving alleged prostitution, guns and narcotics.

Gucci was cleared of the latter, while the November arrest has been revisited by a Fulton County Superior Court judge, who said a prison term was inevitable. According to sources, when officers arrived to the scene of Gucci's erratic driving, they found him arguing with a man. He eventually struck the man and had to be pepper-sprayed and detained.

Mane has a hearing scheduled for January 24. Until then, he's probably finishing a few mixtapes and a full-length just in case he has to re-enter the big house. Meanwhile, there's no time like the present to design your own new "Free Gucci" T-shirts.

UPDATE: According to a report from XXL, Gucci was ordered to stay at a medical treatment facility for the next 30 days until his next court appearance. The ruling came at the rapper's probation hearing earlier today (January 3). Gucci's lawyer told XXL that the reason for Gucci's stay at the facility was "confidential."