Gucci Mane Apologizes for Twitter Rant, Admits Drug Addiction

Gucci Mane Apologizes for Twitter Rant, Admits Drug Addiction
Rapper Gucci Mane is having a rough go of it. After a seemingly crazy Twitter meltdown, where he took shots at virtually anyone and everyone he's ever worked with, he was then arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and weed possession, before being hospitalized for his erratic behaviour. Now, he's publicly addressed the situation.

Reinstating his Twitter account today (September 22), Gucci spoke of his meltdown. "Woke up the other day out this hospital bed & I'm so embarrassed & ashamed of my behavior that was brought to my attention," he wrote. "I just wanna man up right now & take this time to apologize to my family, friends, the industry & most of all my fans. I'm SORRY!"

Gucci went on to apologize for specific things he said to Birdman, Rick Ross and Drake. "I wanna personally apologize to birdman ross & drake. Dem my niggas. I 100% regret my words & actions."

He added that his meltdown was fuelled by an addiction to codeine. "I've been drinking lean for 10plus years & I must admit it has destroyed me. I wanna be the first rapper to admit I'm addicted to lean & that shit ain't no joke," he said. "I can barely remember all the things I've done & said. However there's no excuse."

After he's out of incarceration, Mane plans to get his addiction under control. "I'm currently incarcerated but I will be going to rehab because I need help," he said. "I wanna thank everyone that has stood by me during this difficult time. Please keep me in your prayers. #GUWOP."