Gucci Mane "Too Damn Sexy" (ft. Jeremih) (video)

Gucci Mane 'Too Damn Sexy' (ft. Jeremih) (video)
First things first, Gucci Mane is an equal-opportunity skin-shower. On "Supa Cocky," the last low-budget video he released from his I'm Up mixtape, the trap artist showed off his round and robust beer gut. The dude with that wacky ice cream cone face tatty gets a little more conventional for hip-hop fans, offering some hi-def lady eye candy for his new clip, "Too Damn Sexy."

There's not much plot, per se, with Mane, hook-singer Jeremih and guest clown Waka Flacka Flame taking in eyefuls of nearby asses. Some shake it in the club, while some get grindy on a soundstage floor. Both options please the Gooch, who reminds us "he don't discriminate."

If you're prone to being offended by slow-mo shots of thick butts bouncing off a skeezy dude's face at a high-jacked Jostens yearbook photo shoot, you might want to pass on this one.