Grupo Salvaje In Black We Trust

Madrid’s Grupo Salvaje have produced a fascinating, hazy, alt-country collection of songs with In Black We Trust. The group, who named themselves after the Sam Pekinpah film The Wild Bunch, takes American rebels seriously. The album’s title is a reference to Johnny Cash’s "Man in Black” moniker and the deep voice of leader Ernesto González pays further homage to the dearly departed icon. Conversely, they come off as somewhat snide atheists on songs like "A Christian Family” and "How to Make God Come,” before pleading to a higher power on "Elvis, Love Us!” The band references the dreamier aspects of Abbey Road’s second side on "Oh! My Dear,” and coyly record a classic slide guitar track with "Roses & Despair.” Not too far from classic country, Grupo Salvaje create a psychedelic stew that would surely suit fans of the Sadies and Beachwood Sparks on this endearing new record. (Acuarela)