Grown -Ups Grown -Ups

Making that leap from the freedom of adolescence to adulthood and all of its sucky responsibilities and realities is an unpleasant changeover, and Calgary's Grown-Ups know this. They know this so well in fact, that they've used it as the theme for their debut, a seven-song cassette they're also giving away digitally on their website. Basking in the current lo-fi renaissance, this trio bang out sludge-covered punk anthems for the not-so-disaffected-youth. Using the great, disenchanted transitional period almost as a motivational speech to get over the never-ending bummers matches their snappy, melodic style. "Body Break" harkens back to the childhood reminders that we should "stay fit, have fun" and do our "Participaction," as Joanne and Hal so often instructed us. They even have their own self-titled theme song, which along with angsty downer "Hate Yr Life" help bring the message of hard-to-swallow realism home. It's difficult not to love that this all comes for free but if you can grab a copy of the limited-edition tape featuring a slapdash Garfield illustration, you'll dive even deeper into the nostalgia Grown-Ups represent. (Independent)