Groeni "Spine & Wick"

Groeni 'Spine & Wick'
Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, Alexander Green creates dark, electro-tinged pop music under the pseudonym Groeni. He's nearly ready to unveil his second EP Hewn, but first, has got the exclusive premiere of new cut "Spine & Wick."
According to a press release, the forthcoming record is a carefully crafted one that sees repeated themes and characters that "merge and intertwine, adopting combined and often confused perspectives."
In his own words, Green explains: "There are links between the songs, things tie together and reappear at various points. Certain words, subjects and sounds are cut up and redistributed between the five songs."
"Spine & Wick" exemplifies the album's middle ground between lo-fi and clean production, delivering sparse, eerie instrumentation behind haunting vocals.
Hewn arrives on February 24 via Project: Mooncircle and will be released digitally and on vinyl. Listen to "Spine & Wick" below.