GRITS Redemption

Nashville-based rap duo GRITS (Grammatical Revolution in the Spirit) are often preceded by the near-oxymoronic label of "Christian rap group,” a title that would seem an undesired kiss of death in a genre like hip-hop. The pair’s latest set, Redemption (one of over a half-dozen releases spanning the groups 12-year history), plays not so much as a particularly religious record, however, but simply one with positive messages and insightful lyrics; it’s a set that could easily have found them in the studio with the Dungeon Family in the late ’90s. Cuts like "Memories” certainly have that soulful, early Outkast/Goodie Mob feel, with MCs Coffee and Bonafide rhyming about good eats, good living and taking the good from the bad in less than perfect situations. The pair come with that crawling, bass-heavy Houston club sound bouncing through the speakers on "We Workin’,” a cut that throws you at first when you realise that the vocals on the track actually say something and have nothing to do with money stacks or Lil Jon screaming "Okaaaay!!” Pigeon John and Canibus each lend some lyrical guidance on the topics of relationships and ambitions to round out a disc that you could easily imagine blowing out of a set of window rattling car speakers on a stuffy summer afternoon. (Gotee)