Grimes Wants You to Know About Everything She's Been Eating During Her Pregnancy

"I'm a huge proponent of hot dogs actually"
Grimes Wants You to Know About Everything She's Been Eating During Her Pregnancy
There are a lot of things going on in the world, with many arguably being more important than what Grimes has been eating during her pregnancy. Nevertheless, she's taken some time to generate some content for us by sharing her food diary — because it's important, okay?

Now that you know all about Grimes' pregnancy skin care routine, you can know all about what's been going in that belly of hers courtesy of a new video she's done for Harper's Bazaar.

In the clip, she can be found giving us some pretty personal insights into her dietary routine. For one, Grimes apparently really likes hot dogs — a food that apparently allows her to escape the guilt of eating meat even though some other Canadians once told us they were made of lips and assholes.

As Grimes explains, "I love hot dogs because they don't kill cows for hot dogs, so you can eat hot dogs without guilt if you need meat but you still have vegan tendencies, or you want to try to avoid creating demand for stuff because it's just all the waste, it's all the extra product, so I'm a huge proponent of hot dogs actually, and it is the best-tasting meat as well, so it's basically a win-win."

But Grimes isn't really a fan of fruit and veg, saying, "I basically hate everything besides carbs and fat."

She explains, "I had this thing where I was 'vegan' and I had this thing where I was like the only reliable food was spaghetti, so I was only eating spaghetti for like a year or two years. Then I was just like so sick and my hair actually stopped growing and I went to the doctor and the doctor was like, you are actually malnourished from not eating vegetables or meat and just eating spaghetti for two years."

Lastly, Grimes eats this crazy thing called "butter toast."

"I make this thing called butter toast," she says. "Which is where I melt a stick of butter on a plate and then I put toast on it and then turn the toast over so it's like the toast is completely saturated in butter, and then I put a little bit of jam on that and eat that."

You can watch the entire video below — or not. It's really up to you.

The video comes as Grimes goes about promoting her new album Miss Anthropocene.