​Grimes Debuts New Song "That's What the Drugs Are For"

It appears in a new Apple commercial
​Grimes Debuts New Song 'That's What the Drugs Are For'
Producer and pop genius Grimes has been itching to share new music, despite her ongoing label woes, and now she's previewed a brand new track via an Apple ad.
The artist (now going by real name c) appears in a new commercial that features upcoming track "That's What the Drugs Are For." She previously revealed the song title when she shared a working tracklist for the first of two upcoming records.
The Apple clip opens with Grimes behind her laptop, declaring: "I hate permission. I don't want permission. If I just want to drop something, I just drop it."
She then takes viewers a little deeper into her creative process — all done on a Mac, of course.
Check out the new snippet of music below.
Grimes previously teased audio clips of songs called "Adore U" and "4 a.m.," as well.