Grimes "Venus in Fleurs" (video)

Grimes 'Venus in Fleurs' (video)
Visions superstar Grimes has taken a step back, revisiting her debut album Geidi Primes and sharing a video for album track "Venus in Fleurs."

The clip was directed by collaborator Video Marsh, and Grimes' Claire Boucher explained on her Tumblr that it'll be the last Grimes video not directed by her:

Hey — this is a video my friend Video Marsh made for this really old Grimes song from my first record.  We were supposed to release it ages ago and somehow it didn't happen probably because it didn't comply with the press cycle at the time and since I've stopped caring about complying with press cycles im sharing this now.

This is the only post-genesis official grimes video that i didn't work on myself that will ever be released :).   it's a different vibe entirely as you can see.  i think it's very very beautiful and haunting and peaceful and scary

all footage is from the reifel bird sanctuary in British columbia

Check out the video for "Venus in Fleurs" below.