Grimes "laughing and not being normal"

Grimes 'laughing and not being normal'
Grimes is about to unleash one of the most anticipated albums of the year when Art Angels arrives later this week. Before it lands, though, she's offered up another tease of new material with the album's opening cut "laughing and not being normal."
Whereas previously shared cut "Scream" took its song title to heart, the new track delivers a dreamy, cinematic instrumental intro followed by angelic, melodic cooing from Grimes —  rather than the maniacal laughter potentially insinuated by its name.
The song gets paired with old-timey flickering visuals that simply read: "Overture," and you can see and hear it for yourself over here.
Art Angels is out on November 6 Eerie Organization/Crystal Math in Canada and 4AD/Beggars in the rest of the world.