Grimes "Go" (video)

Grimes 'Go' (video)
After issuing a quickie teaser clip big on sword play, desert settings and dancing, Grimes has now revealed her video for experimental R&B track "Go" in full.

As hinted before, the video finds Grimes and Blood Diamonds undertaking an epic journey across sandy dunes, with the pair likewise practising their steel-swinging skills to the moody slow jam. Befitting the drops in the squelchy chorus, the video also take the twosome into a black light-lit club to bust out all sorts of body-contorting moves.

You'll find wind-whipped shawls, helmeted action, an all-night EDM party and more via the video stream on MuchMusic.

UPDATE: Not only has the video primarily been geoblocked in Grimes' own Canada for the time being, but apparently this isn't even the proper version of the video. Grimes tweeted: