Greg Halpin 'Notes from a Bedroom' (album stream)

Greg Halpin 'Notes from a Bedroom' (album stream)
Former Honheehonhee and Lakes of Canada member Greg Halpin is gearing up to release his debut solo record Notes from a Bedroom later this week, but before it officially arrives, Exclaim! is giving you an early listen to the upcoming release in its entirety.
The new record was made with producer Howard Bileman, and it hears the singer-songwriter achieving an intentionally lo-fi sound. It was recorded directly to tape beginning in the fall of 2014, with Halpin capturing 20 songs on more than 50 cassettes before narrowing it down to the 13 that made the final cut — a process Halpin compares to that of a sculptor "chiseling away the unwanted stone in search of the desired form."
As the title implies, the album was entirely recorded in the artist's bedroom, and it aims to leave listeners with the sense that they have stumbled across an honest, open notebook filled with stories of "love and connection, mythology, and world travel."
You can hear those stories come to life in Halpin's raw, stripped down style by listening to an advanced stream of the forthcoming full-length down below.
Notes from a Bedroom is out on September 23.