Greenfield Main Barnburners & Heartchurners

Rhume’s Jon Bartlett has spearheaded a kick-ass, country-blues heart-warmer for his one-time side project Greenfield Main. Now backed by a full band proper, Bartlett leads his charges through a stellar collection of dirty rockers and lilting ballads that tug at lips and heartstrings alike. It’s telling that the blistering, back-door man rocker "Matilda” quickly segues into the lovely, country harmonies of "Red River Valley.” While not exactly schizophrenic, this entire album is an eclectic affair that is evenly executed by Bartlett and company. Something like "Fiery Mountain,” might have been culled from the same sessions that produced Mermaid Avenue, while "Down East” pleasantly recalls the easy feel of On the Beach-era Neil Young. Bartlett dives headfirst into the grimy chords of "Under the Gun” and the Stones-y "Wait on Me,” which is preceded by the album’s soulful highlight, "Breeze Us, Jesus.” All told, Barnburners & Heartchurners is a blindsiding dose of folk-blues that walks it like it rocks it. (Kelp)