Green Day / Jawbreaker Offshoot California Deliver Debut Album

Green Day / Jawbreaker Offshoot California Deliver Debut Album
Green Day haven't been touring much lately in support of their trio of 2012 albums, so fourth member Jason White has been putting the focus on a band he started up with former Jawbreaker drummer Adam Pfahler. Called California, the band have just released a self-titled album, which is streaming now.

The trio finds White handling guitar and vocal duties, Pfahler sitting behind the drum kit, and Dustin Clark playing bass. Flexing elements of pop punk and power pop, the 10-song album features "Hate the Pilot" and "Cut and Paste," a pair of tracks that had been issued as a single through Frontier Records in 2015.

California was tracked in various sessions at studios in Oakland, San Francisco and Mar Vista, CA, as well as in Little Rock, AR. While album features several engineers, the collection comes self-produced and mixed by J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines).

In addition to the core trio of California, the album features a few guest appearances. Rentals/That Dog member Rachel Haden sings a duet with White on "To the Airport," which also features cello from Jawbox collaborator Gordon Withers. Other musicians appearing on the collection include percussionist Alfredo Ortiz (Beastie Boys) and Jason Weinheimer on organ.

You can stream all of California's album down below or pick it up on Bandcamp.

White made headlines at the end of 2014 after being diagnosed with cancer. The disease was caught early, was "treatable" and White was expected to have a "full and speedy recovery."