Greek Buck No Time

Greek Buck makes noise - messy, everything and the kitchen sink noise that takes repeated listens to make its way through your brain to your pleasure receptors. But once it does, curious melodies begin to emerge, along with songs formed from feedback and retro-electronics that reflect their arty origins while still rocking out and/or rocking the dance floor. Anchored by a "revamped" version of their just-so-perfectly-titled Queer As Folk theme "Spunk," Don Pyle and Andrew Zealley bring in some heavy hitters in the form of indie icons Ian Blurton and the Sadies' Dallas Good. Beats propel the pre-pubescent punk of "No Time To Be 7," an "over the top" number fronted by a seven-year-old and provided in both regular and slide-guitar-fuelled formats (the latter remixed by progressive producer Polmo Polpo), though it's "Modified Body vs. Brain," a reworked Blurton track, that shows off the duo at their most expansive. Alas, with their five-song EP clocking in just over 17 minutes, there's almost no time to be Greek Buck. (Independent)