Greedy Fingers w/ Cage & Necro “Daydreams”/“Brutal Styles”

New York’s original shock MCs are back, this time courtesy of England’s DC Recordings. Both tracks are produced by DJ Grazzhoppa and the Greedy Boy who supply two completely different beats for Cage and Necro. Cage represents best with “Daydreams,” a psychological horror story about a psychotic sex fiend and serial killer. But this isn’t your typical shoot ‘em up fantasy, but a truly demented tale with a chorus that has Cage revealing the rather chilling, “On dead lips my name lingers.” Grazzhoppa and Greedy Boy supply a smooth jazz beat with an eerie piano sample that would impress any self-respecting horror movie fan. For the flip side “Brutal Styles,” Grazzhoppa and Greedy Boy have supplied a harder, upbeat track for Necro to prove exactly why he is the “brutalist.” Although not as graphic or horrifying as much of his previously released material on his self-titled EP, Necro still proves his point. Besides, Necro’s “Brutal Styles” is a perfect companion piece to Cage’s “Daydreams.” It’s nice to see Necro and Cage on a release together, considering Necro produced much of Cage’s older material and they have a similar hip-hop aesthetic. The two bonus instrumental beats, “Gotham” and “Six Times” are both nice tracks that differ not only from each other, but from the two vocal tracks as well. For any fan of sick white boy lyrics, this is a definite asset to your collection. As we are reminded once again on “Brutal Styles”: “Get your own style, you ain’t sick enough.” And it’s true, even by Eminem’s standards. (DC)