Great Lenin's Ghost Great Lenin's Ghost

Melding the catchiness of Bad Religion’s most poppy material with the electronic dance party of Hot Chip, Great Lenin’s Ghost’s debut EP is a fantastically fun listen front to back. Centred on hit single in waiting "Reclaim Your Bones,” each of these five songs includes at least one standout "What the fuck?!” moment. "Reclaim,” however, is the best example of this band’s promise; it’s a mixture of earnest lyricism, a stuck-in-your-brain-for-years hook and a pounding backbeat that would make even the most hardened indie rocker want to get his ass on the dance floor. "Cameras and Secret Codes” is one of the record’s other strongest moments, as its gigantic finale rings out like a dance party rallying call. Like the all-fun incarnation of the Postal Service, Great Lenin’s Ghost has proven themselves ready to break dance battle any and all challengers. (Independent)