Great Lake Swimmers Pen Original Score for New E-Book

Great Lake Swimmers Pen Original Score for New E-Book
Once Great Lake Swimmers' latest album, New Wild Everywhere, arrives on April 3, fans will have less than a month to wait for more new music from the Toronto folk outfit. The band have written the soundtrack to the new e-book One in a Thousand, which comes to Apple's iPad App Store on May 1.

This e-book, by photographer Ian Coristine with writer Donna Walsh Inglehart, is about Ontario's Thousand Islands archipelago. It includes hundreds of high-resolution photos that are accompanied by 100,000 words of text, narration, nature sounds, and video. These are set to a previously unheard instrumental soundtrack by Great Lake Swimmers.

In a statement, frontman Tony Dekker said, "Ian Coristine does more than open our eyes to the beauty of the Thousand Islands, he navigates with us through its heart. His photographs, knowledge, and love of the place is a well-spring of inspiration, which is now offered to the world in the form of this book. Our music would not be the same without it; his story will have the same effect on you."

Check out a trailer for the book below.

As for Great Lake Swimmers' plans to promote New Wild Everywhere, due out via Nettwerk, look at their Canadian tour dates right here.