GRAE Details Debut Album 'Whiplash,' Shares Video for "Room In the Desert"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jan 19, 2022

GRAE has announced her debut album. After sharing a pair of EPs, the Toronto-based bedroom pop artist will deliver the full-length Whiplash on April 15.

Following 2020's Permanent Maniac EP, Whiplash is described by GRAE as an 11-song set "filled with so much self reflection, love, heartbreak, and discovery."

In a statement, she elaborates, "My debut album Whiplash was born during a time of confusion and indecisiveness. Falling in and out of love with people I thought would be in my life forever but found myself desperately trying to forget. Did I love them, hate them, want to remember them or forget them? I was drowning in the nostalgia of a past I romanticized, while coming to terms with the truth of it all. The album is so back and forth in emotion, but so am I. That's how the title Whiplash came to be."

Whiplash is previewed today by "Room In the Desert," arriving alongside an accompanying video from director Gemma Warren, and following previously shared album tracks "Soft," "Spinning" and "Like You." In the clip, GRAE is illuminated by light that evokes a blazing sun, and is visited by a few inhabitants of those arid climates.

"The music video is everything I could've dreamed of. Gemma's creative vision from the start was really strong and I trusted her artistic direction a lot," GRAE shared of the video. "We wanted to create a trippy video that complimented the psychedelic production of the song, something that could bring the song itself to another level. I think the video really captures that and helps create an experience for the listener."


1. Boxes
2. Spinning
3. Soft
4. Grenade
5. Forget You
6. No Lovey Dovey
7. Outta This World
8. Room In The Desert
9. Like You
10. How Very Dare You
11. Don't Know To Girlfriend

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