Gorillaz Drop iTunes Session EP

Gorillaz Drop <i>iTunes Session</i> EP
Currently in the midst of a world-dominating tour that brought them to Canada earlier this month, Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett's eclectic cartoon act Gorillaz have been busy promoting their excellent third record, Plastic Beach. They even found the time to pop by iTunes for an exclusive iTunes Session EP.

As the tracklisting below indicates, Gorillaz paid equal attention to all of their material, with eight songs spanning their entire catalogue. The set also includes an "iTunes interview," but unlike typical Gorillaz interviews, Albarn and Hewlett stay in their Gorillaz characters, answering questions as 2D and Murdoc Niccals, respectively.

Staying in character likely means Albarn won't be given the chance to spew vitriol all over pop culture, a common thread in recent Gorillaz pieces. Albarn recently told MTV News that he was "fucking gutted" that Plastic Beach only hit No. 2 on charts. Elsewhere, in a recent Q interview, Damon Albarn told artists to "stop being the slaves of TV producers" when they license their songs to Glee. That clip can be viewed below.

The Gorillaz iTunes Session is available now at this link.

iTunes Session:

1. "Clint Eastwood"

2. "Dirty Harry"

3. "Feel Good Inc"

4. "Kids With Guns"

5. "Stylo"

6. "Glitter Freeze"

7. "On Melancholy Hill"

8. "Rhinestone Eyes"

9. "iTunes interview"