Gorgeous Frankenstein Gorgeous Frankenstein

Gorgeous Frankenstein Gorgeous Frankenstein
It only took 25 years but former Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein has finally sidestepped the shadow of his former band and created something entirely of his own merit. As is to be expected, Gorgeous Frankenstein pull heavily from Michale Graves-era Misfits, with its swinging, mid-tempo drive, uniting the worlds of horror metal and rockabilly with hip-shaking ease. The album is a steady rock/punk affair celebrating creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night. While the Dave Vanian-inspired crooning vocals leave something to be desired, musically tracks such as "Man Or Monster,” "Devilgirl” and "Mothernight” revolve around Frankenstein’s trademark gritty chugging, creating a pseudo-metallic vibe that intensifies as eventual double-time blast beats kick in and render more aggression. Production-wise, Glenn Danzig’s knob twiddling is characteristically muddy, creating a gloomy, unsettling vibe that accents Frankenstein’s graveyard-at-midnight songwriting atmosphere. However, one can tell that his hands are all over more than just the microphones, as Lucifuge-ish guitar squeals and chanting monosyllabic choruses (everybody, "Oh!”) abound. This eponymous debut fails to shock or awe yet it is a stable introduction to the band’s intentions. Then again, astonishment presumably isn’t the aim, given the stature — and therefore, limitations — of these long-standing genre heroes.

What were your intentions in starting your own project?
I was watching my wife stripping and thought it would be really cool if she could be stripping to her own music, and maybe other strippers as well. That’s why the songs are even-paced. If they were too fast, you couldn’t dance to it.

Did that dictate the style of the music: riding the line between punk and rockabilly?
Yeah, and I don’t even listen to rockabilly.

What were the first stages of getting Gorgeous Frankenstein rolling?
Glenn [Danzig] asked where I wanted to go with it. I said, "I want it to play in strip clubs so that the girls buy it, but the guys also buy it so they can fantasise about being with the dancer outside of the club.” He sat back and said, "Excellent. That’s the new market right there.” Things went pretty smoothly after that.

How much influence has Danzig had on Gorgeous Frankenstein?
A lot, even beyond producing. He taught me how to play guitar as a kid and took me into the Misfits when I didn’t know a fucking thing. He brought me out on tour to do Misfits songs after I’d left them and didn’t have anything going on, and he produced the record and had us open his last tour. If he wants something done, I’ll do it. I owe that man my career two-times over.