Google to Launch New Music Service, According to Reports

Google to Launch New Music Service, According to Reports
Since you've probably been using Google to find new tunes anyway, it makes sense that the search engine is apparently preparing to launch its own music service.

Don't shake your head in feigned innocence. There are two things anyone who holds even a nodding acquaintance with the Internet and Google has done: a vanity search (typing in your own name and hoping something shows up) and a hunt for some obscure album/song/artist.

According to a recent posting by Wired, Google has been keeping mum about the details of what this will entail until the affair's official announcement on October 28. Because of little information, rumours in the computer-nerd realm are popping up that it will be called either Google Music, Google Audio or OneBox.

Spokespersons have also assured that Google will not become a music retailer. They will merely offer "enhanced music search with a streaming function." Basically, that means you'll get what you're looking for, but the site will randomly pull streaming material from sources such as Lala, iLike or other participating services. At present, it is also known that all four major labels - Universal, Sony, EMI and Warner - will provide their wares. The wealth of independent content already hosted by Lala and iLike will likely be included as well.

This plan coincides with the recent news that Google is providing back-end for the Vevo Music Service, where labels may host such items as official music videos, interviews, tour bus diaries and user-generated videos at a higher quality than current video websites offer. By expanding the quality, Vevo - a project that features Universal and Sony as prime supporters - will generate income by charging advertisers a premium for the high-end coverage.

As an aside, Wired also noted hearing that Google may release other search "verticals," including a possible travel-booking service.

And after all that talk about what Google's doing for the state of Internet video, we present a YouTube video!