The Goods Dream Sequence

The Goods take an opposite approach with their third independently-released full-length. While the beats are less likely to get commercial play because of producer/DJ Gordski’s experimental nature, they are definitely much cleaner sounding than Classified’s. Emcee Kunga 219 has closed on perfecting his flow, coming off better on this release than almost anything he has done in the past. Gordski’s beats and Kunga’s flow and subject matter work together almost seamlessly, even when Gordski steps from behind the turntables to lay down some vocals in his strange, old-school style flow. Guest appearances by Paul the Apostle, Tachichi, Knowself, Sixtoo, Buck 65 and Josh Martinez add different vibes to the album. Dream Sequence proves that the Goods are a group that you will be hearing plenty about in the future. (Good Night)