Good Morning Devils AM Gold For Good Morning Devils

If I could give out some kind of prize to the band that somehow manages to make time stop, I'd have to give it to Good Morning Devils. Why? Well, "Ebbs And Flows‚" the opening song on their new CD, is seven minutes long, yet it feels like it lasts a lot longer. A whole lot longer, and that isn't the insult it might appear to be because it isn't a particularly nasty song. It's just that it goes on and on and on - the longer I looked at the clock, the slower the second hand moved. Fortunately, most of the other songs are succinct, so stopping the flow of time isn't a problem on the rest of AM... The differences between some of the songs are so vast that you could almost swear that you are listening to a compilation disc. That might not necessarily be a good thing, because it could be the sign of a band trying out a number of hats until they find one that fits. And if I were the kind of person to make a helpful suggestion about which hats to keep and which to discard, I'd keep the ones that helped them record tracks three, four and six. I'm glad we got that sorted out. (Independent)