Gold Sparkle Trio with Ken Vandermark Brooklyn Cantos

Two words: Ornette Coleman. His spirit looms large over this New York band’s fractured bluesy melodies over free rhythms that are still rooted in bop. Ken Vandermark is another Ornette admirer and is more than game to play along. In fact, this is a stellar example of what Vandermark is capable, much more so than most of his own records. He and GST front man Charles Waters are in sync throughout, as though they’ve been playing together for years. The modus operandi is nowhere more evident than "Burg Girl,” which could have been on any of Coleman’s Atlantic albums. Historical though the vibe may be, at least these guys are very good at it, and don’t get stuck in one groove. "People’s Republic,” a tune by neglected bassist Sirone, is a beautiful song showcasing arco bass by Adam Roberts. "Architexture #12,” the disc’s extended piece, is more fragmented in its approach and features a lengthy bass clarinet solo by Vandermark. This disc could mix well with many other types of jazz chiefly because this band understands the blues; however, things stay fresh because the GST extend themselves with an appreciation of post-Ornette playing techniques. (Squealer)